Photolab takes great pleasure from crafting objects of beauty and charm for photographers.

...this is why we love what we do!

Classic Yashicamat 124

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With photographic prints, the old adage runs true:"You get what you pay for". There are countless bargain outlets plugging photo prints of all kinds for the consumer market. But they don't display your photographs in all of their brilliance. That's why we built Photolab. Our photo prints, giclée and canvas wraps, display the full depth and brilliance you'd expect from our fine photo printing processes.

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And there's more! For old-school photographers, we are known for our photographic film processing and film scanning and black and white photo prints done in a darkroom.

For professionals we make pro quality color digital photographs up to huge sizes using top quality materials.

For family archivists we do photo restorations, family photo scanning and organizing.

And for artists, fine art reproductions of your artwork on fine art watercolor papers or canvas. We design and build beautiful wedding albums too.

Our Photo School teaches digital photo (beginner to advanced), analog film photography, make your own tintypes, learn Adobe Lightroom, beginning darkroom, and more.

In addition to Lifepics you can use our ROES system, order in person in our store, or by mail. Professionals, we've got special services just for you; please ask us.

Got a smartphone? Don't miss the LifePics apps now available for iPhone and Android. You can download them right on this site! Photo sharing on the mobile platform is the growing way to share your life in photos. We encourage you to jump on board!